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Lavender Town Pouch


💜 Lavender Town is our favorite place to visit, but it's also a sad place for Pokémon. On one side of the pouch you can see a baby cubone and his marowak mother enjoying a stroll around the town. Eerily waiting around a house are some ghost pokémon.

👻 On the flip side of the pouch, you see a nighttime view of the town. The ghosts are out enjoying their night, while cubone is mourning the loss of his mother.

👾 The pouch can carry all of your nintendo games and console in one cute pouch? Maybe you need a place to store your amiibos and Joy-Cons. Then this is the perfect bag for you!

💜 Textured, vegan leather printed with a gingham pattern and all of your favorite Animal Crossing villagers
👻 approximately 8.5" x 6.5"
👾 waterproof and scratch-proof
💜 fully lined with a light green material and cream zipper
👻 small inner pocket
👾 silver c-hook and keychain ring to attach charms, keychains, and other accessories
💜 colors may vary due to screen

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