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Tea Drinking D20 Tea Towel


If you're a tea drinker, then you know how important it is to relax with a cup of tea before a stressful day, and sometimes playing Dungeons and Dragons can get stressful! This D20 is relaxing in the calm before the storm with a cup of green tea. This flour sack kitchen towel will be a great gift for your Dungeons and Dragons host, dungeon master, or even your whole TTRPG group!

This tea towel design depicts a relaxed looking D20 holding a tea cup and saucer and surrounded by tea leaves. The text around the dice reads "I need some tea to get this party rolling."

☕️ Hemmed on all 4 sides
☕️ 28-inch by 28-inch
☕️ Pre washed and bleached
☕️ Washing machine safe!

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