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Dungeon Master Alignment Coin


Sometimes it's hard to choose how to align for the day's DnD session, but with our Dungeon Master Alignment Coin it's easier than ever! With a flip of a coin, you will be guided to be a good DM or an evil DM.

😈 1.5" Wide, 3 mm thick, Smooth Edges

😇 Includes a Clear Plastic Sleeve for Protection

😈 Colors may vary slightly due to screen

😇 B Grade coins will have one or more of the following defects: air bubbles, stray paint/glitter/dust specs, plating defects (excluding backs), small scratches or chips, low-fill or gouged enamel, peeling enamel, missing enamel, or other unexpected problems.

😈 Bundles include one of each coin.

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