How It All Started

In 2017 I created Dbl Feature's first enamel pin collection. It was inspired by my love for playing video games, and it was a project that honestly got me out of a slump that I had been in since graduating from undergrad. After that collection, I was inspired to create more enamel pins and our current catalog has passed 70 designs!

The Convention Life

After attending my first convention, Dragon Con 2013, I knew that I wanted to sell my art in convention artist alleys. So in 2018 I started vending at conventions and still do to this day! You can check out our convention schedule here if you'd like to pick up some merch in person.

What's next?

I didn't just want to make enamel pins, so in 2019 I jumped into making apparel. This year I hope to expand Dbl Feature into a brand that can cover all of your nerdy needs whether that be apparel, accessories, or home goods!