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The Mimic Coin


Sneaky little chests that appear to be full of treasures might just reach out and bite your hand, and doors that seemingly lead to secret rooms could be your worst nightmare. So take our advice and use this coin if you're in a pinch and trying to decide whether the obstacle before you is truly what it appears to be. This coin can also be helpful for conniving dungeon masters who want to sprinkle a few scary monsters in their Dungeons and Dragons sessions.

ğŸŽ 1.5" Wide, 3 mm thick, Smooth Edges

ğŸŽ Includes a Clear Plastic Sleeve for Protection

ğŸŽ Colors may vary slightly due to screen

ğŸŽ B Grade coins will have one or more of the following defects: air bubbles, stray paint/glitter/dust specs, plating defects (excluding backs), small scratches or chips, low-fill or gouged enamel, peeling enamel, missing enamel, or other unexpected problems.

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