Laura Hammonds Laughing and Wearing The Tiny Dice Buddies T-shirt

Welcome traveler! My name is Laura Hammonds, and I am the mind flayer behind the brand Dbl Feature. Just kidding! I'm human; don't be fooled. I'd consider myself an illustrator, product creator, graphic designer ~it's my passion~, bard from the College of Glamour, not-so-competitive video gamer (only child problems), and overall a wholesome nerd.

I'd like to be honest with myself and you who are reading and go ahead and attach a scarlet letter "W" to my shirt. Yes, I am a workaholic. I'm afraid I inherited it from both sides of my family, but it really has given me the drive to be my own boss. Growing up as an only child with parents that both owned their own businesses really taught me a lot about work ethic, frugality, and the importance of believing in yourself. I hope that you will see that I am going nonstop to create something out of Dbl Feature. All the support that I have received really does keep my hopes high, and every encounter makes my creativity stronger.

When I allow myself the time to play video games, I become a little obsessive. I wouldn't consider myself a completionist, but I do strive to talk to every NPC, fit in all my daily activities, and do a little bit of exploring. This reflects on myself as a business woman too. I love to talk to all of my customers and supporters whether that be a quick Instagram message or a 30-minute conversation at a convention. I find it exciting to wake up every morning and prepare packages to be shipped, pull inventory for my next convention, and work on some new designs. I really have become consumed by my brand, and I'm having so much fun creating a line of merchandise that can fill the gap in the gaming world for cute products.

League of Legends Bittersweet Lulu Cosplay by Laura Hammonds

After I attended my first convention in 2013, Dragon Con, I knew that I had to become a convention artist. I was overwhelmed by the talent and amazed that artists could make a living creating their own content. I had just started my undergrad at Auburn University studying Graphic Design, so I decided to stick with it and pursue the con-life after graduating.

Indigo Purple Game Boy Advance Hard Enamel Pin on Jean Jacket

My brand, Dbl Feature, started when I launched my first Kickstarter in 2017: The Kawaii Console Club. I knew that I wanted to become an enamel pin designer, and this was how I started. With the support of my family and friends, I was able to have a successful campaign and many more as I grew my following and inventory. In 2018 I started vending my nerdy merchandise at conventions around the US, and since then I have attended over 40 anime and gaming conventions! 

 Laura Hammonds Vending The RPG Alignment Pins at Indie Craft Experience in Atlanta, GA.

In 2019 I started wholesaling, and Dbl Feature can now be found in Mox Boarding House in Washington, Geeky Endeavors in Indiana, Illusive Comics and Games in California, and Hell Yeah Gluten Free in Georgia! I am always looking for new stockists, so if you are interested in talking about wholesale please send me an email at!

My goals for 2020 are obviously to continue to grow as a designer and entrepreneur, but I am really looking to connect with my audience this year. I've always felt such warm feelings interacting with customers at conventions, but I would love to carry over those relationships to the online world! That's partially why I am creating this website apart from my Etsy. I plan on creating blog posts here where I can become more "human" and receive more feedback from supporters that care about Dbl Feature. My brand is not just for me, I want it to be for the world! So let's go on this journey together, create some awesome merch, and play a lot of games along the way!