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Mochi Moon Bunny Enamel Pin

$8 $10

Some people say cows jump over the moon, but we definitely know that a rabbit could jump that high! Have you ever seen the shape of a bunny in the craters of the moon? Legend has it that a rabbit is up there pounding away at her mochi! Our hard enamel pin version shows a cute bunny taking a break from all her hard work. We hope she'll jump back down to earth and give us a taste! We've created 4 different color variations of our Mochi Moon Bunny pin to try and capture the different colors of the moon and of bunnies!

🌝 2 inch hard enamel pin

🐰 2 posts with rubber clasps, pinned to a Backing Card 

🌝 Colors may vary due to screen.

🐰 B grade pins are wearable, but they have minor imperfections like scratches or dents in the enamel, dust or glitter particles in the enamel, plating discoloration, uneven enamel fill, etc. Please message me if you have any questions! 

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