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Rogue Class Hard Enamel Pin

$8 $10

Enemies beware of a sneak attack! They rogue dice buddies are armed with daggers and proficient in thieves' tools, so tread carefully in alleyways. You might feel safe during the daylight, but this sneaky gang of rogues will take advantage of your naiveté at any time of the day. Our hard enamel rogue pin will be great to add to your collection if you love playing the rogue class in tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons! 

🗡  Day Rogues have Gold Plating, Night Rogues have Nickel Plating

🗡 approx. 1.65" Hard Enamel Pin with 2 Backing Posts and Rubber Clasps, fixed to Backing Card

🗡 Colors may vary slightly due to screen

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