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SNES Console and Controller Hard Enamel Pins


It's crazy that a console that was released in the 90's is still being played by many of us gamers today. Some of the best SNES games like Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country are enjoyed not only on the original SNES, but now on Nintendo Switch Online!  Nintendo even released a mini version of the console in 2017 and a Switch SNES controller in 2019! To celebrate the timelessness of the SNES we made these enamel pins that you can wear on your jacket, hat, or even display next to your console!

✪ Hard Enamel Pin with Nickel Plating, Two Backing Posts with Rubber Clasps, Fixed to a Backer Card

✪ SNES Controller Pin is approximately 1.25" wide and SNES Console Pin is approximately 1.5" tall.

✪ Colors may vary slightly due to screen.

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